Peter Fahy

DASS, Coventry City Council & Vice Chair WM-ADASS Branch (Internal)

Peter is the Vice-Chair of WM-ADASS Branch (Internal) with responsibility for leading on Workforce and Resources.

He is an experienced and effective leader with a background in social care, commissioning and contracting, human resources and change management and a track record of achievements in transformation and partnership working with health and the third sector.He combines a grasp of detail and an ability to manage high volume and diversity with an ability to lead and maintain strategic direction; working within structured processes and organisations with reality and pragmatism, combining local realities and complexity within a changing environment.

Key contributions include:

  • Delivering the corporate transformation agenda within the largest City Council Directorate;
  • Leading the development of the integration programme with health;
  • Re-shaping services and delivering large scale workforce change in response to this;
  • Delivering significant improvements in ICT systems;
  • Managing large workforces, approx. 700 across 30 locations;
  • Managing the market for social care;
  • Co-producing services for Domestic Violence and Homelessness to bring about significant change;
  • Managing difficult and contentious decisions through political processes.

Outside of work Peter exercises whenever possible and is a very keen runner who has competed in countless races in the UK and overseas, racking up 15 full marathons in the process and still going strong.