Getting serious about lived experience

During 2024-25 we’re working to ensure that the voice of lived experience is embedded in our projects, guided by our Co-production Advisory Group and our Carers’ Network, our EDI work and our Learning, disability and autism (LD&A) programmes and reflected in projects like our Autism and Parental Blame research. We are aiming to have Co-production Advisory Group member representation on all of our key networks by the end of the year.

Jenny Wood, Chair, WM-ADASS Branch, and Director of Adult Social Care & Deputy Chief Executive, Solihull Council

Our Vision is for:

Promoting independence, social justice, and thriving communities in the West Midlands through sustainable social care and health systems, while ensuring an effective response to the new CQC assurance process. Our four key objectives are:

  1. Statutory duties, reform and assurance: Prepare for the CQC assurance process by implementing specific support offer to 14 councils within the first six months of 2024.
  2. Providing safe support: Ensure a sustainable care market and workforce, and effective relations with the NHS, by implementing specific initiatives and achieving measurable targets during 2024/25.
  3. Working with people: Promote social justice and support fair, thriving local communities and economies by implementing specific initiatives; achieving measurable outcomes within the next two years.
  4. Leadership and innovation: Implement specific digital, data, and research initiatives to drive innovation and achieve measurable improvements within the next three years.

Our vision is also underpinned by ongoing work we are undertaking to plan for the long-term future of adult social care using scenario-based planning.

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Latest News

WM-ADASS Local Authority Research Engagement Sessions in July

As part of our programme to build a research culture and infrastructure for adult social care in our region, we will be running a session for each of our 14 local authorities during July. Sessions will run for 1.5 hours online with the aim of starting conversations about promoting and developing practitioner research capacity. Find out more about

Read more about WM-ADASS Local Authority Research Engagement Sessions in July

Latest Resources

Building Together: Worcestershire’s Adult Social Care Co-production forum

The Building Together Forum is made up of people who use adult social care and their carers, as well as a Workforce Group and countywide Peer Network of individuals and organisations. It's goal is to ensure that people who use services and their carers have an equal voice and influence over decisions about design, development and delivery of services. 

Unlocking the Potential: optimising occupational therapy as a high-impact resource

This report examines how allied health professionals (AHPs) work within social care in the Midlands, and how they can contribute to current and future workforce challenges. Occupational therapists are the largest group of AHPs working in social care.  Despite being only 4% of the regulated social care workforce, they are responsible for 35-45% of local authority referrals, contributing significantly to  local health and social care economies. The report has been funded by NHS England and is hosted by West Midlands ADASS.

Sandwell Council's commitment to co-production

Susan Eagle, a commissioning team manager for prevention and community-based services at Sandwell Council, describes how she undertook a review for the council to “improve how they capture the ‘voice’ of people we work with, and use findings to meaningfully influence and shape our work.”

ADASS DoLS Priority Tool

This tool (latest version 11 April 2024) was developed after Cheshire West, and has been updated to reflect current practice and priorities.

The DASS Guide

A compendium of practical content on delivering effectively against the statutory requirements of the role of Director of Adult Social Services.

Read the DASS guide