Future Thinking

During January – May 2023, West Midlands ADASS worked with the Strategy Unit at NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU on a scenario planning exercise to help identify the building blocks for a resilient social care system in 2035.


We decided to do this work in order to identify factors impacting adult social care between now and 2035 (e.g. environment, politics, economics) and to develop a range of ‘future scenarios’ that might require us to develop new skills, behaviours or capabilities for resilience.

As well as informing the long-term focus of WM ADASS’ regional improvement programme our aim is to influence the wider adult social care reform agenda, including ADASS’ roadmap for adult social care reform, and the long and short-term policy intentions of the government.

We are also keen to encourage individual local authorities to use the process we have developed to undertake, with local partners in health, housing, the provider community and the voluntary sector, their own future thinking exercises.

Information and resources to support these activities are available from the links opposite