ADASS DoLS Priority Tool

This tool (latest version 11 April 2024) was developed after Cheshire West, and has been updated to reflect current practice and priorities.

Operating model for DoLS in the West Midlands

This document sets out a recommended operating model for DoLS in the West Midlands. It highlights some of the most efficient practices that can be utilised in the DoLS process.

WM ADASS DoLS forms guidance 2024

This document has been issued following a review of guidance to support practitioners with the DoLS forms (a set of which are available in this resources library).

DoLS: Your Rights Easy Read

This is one of three DoLS documents WM ADASS has reviewed and updated, and ADASS has adopted for wider use. This is an easy read version of The Rights Guide, something to be given to people once there is a DoLS authorisation in place, to tell them what their rights are.