Housing and social care

As part of government’s 10-year vision for transforming care and support in England, there is a commitment to allocate at least £300 million to integrate housing into local health and care strategies, with a focus on increasing the range of housing options available for people who draw on care and support.

West Midlands ADASS is working with the Department of Health and Social Care and the Housing LIN to provide support to councils and partners as they prepare their plans to make the most of the opportunities provided by the Housing Transformation Fund (HTF). Over the coming months, systems will be able to apply for this new funding.

Our joint event with TSA, TLAP and the Housing LIN, ‘My home, my care, my way’, (28 September 2022) provided an early opportunity to promote awareness of the HTF and broader set of housing reforms.

Highlights from the event are available in our Summary Report

Slides are available from the TSA website

Videos capturing content and learning from the event, based on interviews with speakers, will be published on this page when available.

Lived Experience, coproduction and innovation

This video is all about the importance of 'home' and how innovative approaches and coproduction can deliver homes for people with disabilities. A transcript is available from this link.

The Digital Opportunity

This video describes opportunities for technology to improve the lives of people who draw on social care. It outlines references to tech in the White Paper People at the Heart of Care and describes the TAPPI 2 programme from the Housing LIN, that includes a pilot running with Platform Housing in Ledbury, Herefordshire. There are contributions from tech providers Alleppo, describing how 'digital switchover' should be used as a lever for investment, and from Millbrook Healthcare outlining the programme they are undertaking with partner Essex County Council. A transcript of the video can be found in the resources section.

Resourcing tech-enabled homes for people with care needs

This video describes some of the resources and system changes, outlined in the white paper People at the Heart of Care, to support the transition to tech-enabled homes and social care support. A transcript of this video can be found in the resources section.