AI in social care

Artificial intelligence has been around for a while and is already embedded in a lot of what we do at home and at work.

What is now becoming available as ‘generative AI’ has even more potential to free up people working in social care departments from a lot of crucial but highly time-consuming work.

The video below is a short (30 minutes) version of a two hour recording from the webinar AI in social care presented for WM ADASS by Microsoft on 13 October 2023.

This video describes some of the back office and public facing uses of AI that have huge time-saving potential, some of which are here already and others which are imminent. Tools discussed automate areas like contact centre response, interpretation, transcription of case notes, surveys and other feedback, auto-generated meeting reports and analysis, redaction, data analysis and insight

We will be holding a second session on AI in social care on 24 November 2023 from 1100 – 1300. This will focus on discussing areas of work where people working in social care have already, or are looking to, deploy AI within their organisations.

If you have suggestions for this session, please email using the subject title: Use Cases for AI.