Lynne Bowers

WM-ADASS Associate

Lynne has 30 years’ experience in Health, Social Care, and the Third Sector, from frontline to Board and national level, and as an advocate for those who are unheard.

Her career includes policy advisor and implementer, published clinical and professional author, national peer, international speaker, and a veteran programme manager.

A key theme, over those years, has been to develop people, professions, and organisations, including a strong theme of championing diversity, focussed on the outcome for the individual we serve.

She is a lifelong carer, multiple generations, multiple conditions, across several of the nine Protected Characteristics. As the great (and great great) granddaughter of Faith ministers and early Union officials, she perpetuates their passion to address poverty and injustice.

As a global citizen, Lynne works with a number of charities to champion sustainability.