Statement: WM-ADASS responds to CQC report on Covid-19 deaths in care homes July 2021

The loss of life in care homes during the Covid pandemic is a tragedy.  We mourn the thousands of human lives cut short in the West Midlands.

We know that residential and nursing homes have done the best they could in the face of an unprecedented challenge.
And at the height of the pandemic they were left to do this with very little national support in terms of resources and guidance.

As infections start to rise again, we are reassured by our data that care homes are now far safer and better equipped to prevent and deal with cases and outbreaks and we are no longer seeing high numbers of deaths.

Richard Harling, chair of WM-ADASS and Director of Health and Care at Staffordshire County Council, says:

“Our residential and nursing homes have done their best in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances over the last 18 months.

“Many of their staff have put their own lives on the line to protect their residents.

“Local councils have provided crucial support to enable care homes to continue to look after our most vulnerable residents. Councils across the region have provided personal protective equipment, funding, emergency staffing, and advice to support the management of outbreaks and to implement testing and vaccination programmes.

“Care homes and their staff deserve our thanks and admiration for what they have done. As a country we must offer the sector the professional recognition, sustainable investment and pay it needs.

“This can only happen if the Government significantly increases funding for adult social care, and recognises that local organisations working with their communities are best placed to ensure we can offer great care in the future.”

The CQC Press release (21 July 2021) can be found from this link