World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 - Vince's story

World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 - Vince's story

WM-ADASS is working alongside people with autism and learning disabilities to feed into national programmes looking at new approaches that will help root out inequality.

Vince is one of the people we have been working with and in this video he shares his powerful story of living with autism.

World Autism Acceptance Weekis a timely reminder of some of the difficulties that people living with autism face in trying to lead good and healthy lives.

It’s sad to see in 2022, but many people with learning disabilities die prematurely from illnesses or conditions, which should be easily preventable if spotted early and dealt with effectively.

That’s why we have joined forces with adult social care and health professionals in the Midlands to find new and practical ways of spotting health problems early and triggering immediate action that saves lives.

World Autism Acceptance Week aims to draw attention to the 700,000 people living with autism in the UK, both to educate those unaware of the condition, and to help make the world friendlier to those who live with it. To find out more or get involved go to