WM-ADASS launched its Digital Network in July 2021. Membership includes adult social care digital leads from each of our 14 councils along with representation from Think Local Act Personal.

Our latest video:

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The Network meets bi-monthly to support the West Midlands Digital Delivery Programme providing information, improvement and best practice sharing for activists across the region.

The Network is sponsored by Pete Fahy, Director of Adult Services, Coventry City Council, chaired by Lizzie Edwards, Assistant Director: Service Delivery, Adult Social Care Directorate, Solihull MBC, and managed by Abby Vella, Digital Lead, WM ADASS.

Video highlights from meeting of 14 December 2021:

Suffolk County Council launched its Cassius caretech programme in July 2021. Under the programme a range of digital devices and support is available to people with care needs. in the video, Sam Basett, who leads the programme, describes the Cassius delivery partnership (comprising Alcove, Rethink Partners and Provide) and how it was procured. He also discusses the importance of culture change to the success of the programme, and how that has been enabled as an integral part of the programme roll out.

A transcript of this video is available

Video highlights from meeting of 19 October 2021:

Analogue phone lines are being turned of across the UK, a process that will be complete by 2025. Areas where telephone exchanges have switched to digital could see failures in calls to Alarm Receiving Centres used by vulnerable people, and an associated rise in safeguarding issues. The video includes contributions from representatives of NHSX and the TSA. Its sets out things that can be done to mitigate these risks, but explains that this is work-in-progress.

A transcript of this video is available

Video highlights from meeting of 7 September 2021:

This includes inspiring stories of the lived experience of co-produced, tech-enabled support as told by Issac Samuels and Rachel Mason, both of whom are involved with The National Co-production Advisory Group.